Our Story

We love Pittsburgh.

At least, we always tell people that we do.  But, how can we proclaim to love something we don’t understand entirely?  Any good lover would make a great effort to come to know everything about the object of his or her affection.  So, it’s time that we make that better effort.  It’s time that we experience each of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods!

Hello, friends, and welcome to our blog!

Our names are Kim and Derek.  In reality, our mission is two-fold.  The part about wanting to come to know our city better is the truth, but this is also about spreading love for our city.  We want folks who are unfamiliar with our city to embrace it because they’ve learned about its unmatched character and the opportunities it holds for quality life experience.  We want existing residents to discover new appeal so that they, with us, fall in love with it in new ways all the time.

Today, our city is a global city.  We’ve moved on up.  Change here has been positive and relentless in recent years.  And it continues every day.  It’s up to all of us, though, to keep shouting from the rooftops.  “This is the place to be!”

It’s likely that this project could take a couple of years for us to complete.  We’re not sure how it’s going to unfold, but we do know that we’ll be having a ton of fun along the way.  We hope to see you around the city and we can’t wait to share our experiences!

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